Butler was born in London in 1996, where, as the daughter of a painter, she grew up surrounded by art and creativity. She graduated from the Univerisity of the Arts London with first-class honours in 2018 and with an MA from SOAS in 2022.

She lives and works in North East London, and continues to exhibit around the UK, including notable shows such as "Everything is connected in life: art and wellbeing" at the Gerald Moore Gallery and “For its own joy”, a group show created and curated by artists. She works primarily in oil, painting across a range of scales on canvas and found materials.

artist’s statement

Butler's artistic journey is a celebration of the intricate marvels found in the natural world. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerising patterns found in the cells of endangered plants and fungi, and evolving landscapes shaped by climate change, her work serves as a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness with nature. Through an interplay of shape and texture, Butler's paintings, crafted with various mediums, invite viewers to delve into the depths of the earth's beauty.



January-February - Everything is Connected in Life: Art and Wellbeing, group show at the Gerald Moore Gallery in London


July - For Its Own Joy, group show at Unit 3 in London

March—April - A Slash of Blue, group show at the Gerald Moore Gallery in London


May - Work exhibited at the launch event for gender-based violence charity Chayn’s podcast Less than 2% in London

March - Four works in a group show at Glimpse 53 Gallery, Kent

February - Solo show, Aria, at MKII Gallery, London


Works in a joint show at ARC Gallery, London



Piece featured in British Vogue.


Five pieces of work featured in the book The Mindful Editions 02, a piece on emerging voices in the painting and 3D art world by the independent publisher The Mindful Editions.

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